The 5mm crystal acrylic panel is recessed into a wooden frame with an 8mm surround, with the edges of the acrylic panel still being visible giving the illusion that it is floating in the frame. This product is perfect for those who want the contemporary feel of the acrylic but with the added feel of a traditional framed image.frames come in black or white.

Sizes. 20x16"- 24x16"- 30x20"- 40x30"

Prices start from £275.00


The Hd Acrylic is made from 5mm crystal clear plexiglas with diamond polished edges. It has a solid aluminium hanging frame fitted to the rear of the panel.The image is sealed with a white backing to protect the image from heat and moisture. The frame sits away from the wall giving the illusion that its floating off the wall. This product is stunning and really showcases the image.

Sizes.  20x16"- 24x16"- 30x20"- 40x30"

Prices start from £210.00 



The Aluminium Mounted Print is a sleek contemporary wall piece that seems to subtly float off the wall. The photographic print is sealed with a matte or ultra gloss film and mounted directly to a solid 2mm aluminium sheet. It has a solid Aluminium frame on the rear of the panel for hanging. The brushed egads for a speaker and cleaner finish.

Sizes: 20X16"- 24X16"- 30X20"- 40X30"

Prices start.. £195.00



These Traditional framed prints are hand made by a local framer to a high quality and using real glass and not plastic. The come in 3 frame colours Black, Oak, Dark brown.They come in single image or multi aperture mounts, and also available in square format.These framed prints will showcase your images off perfectly to family and friends.

Sizes 20x16"- 24x20"- 30x24"

Prices start from £140.00

Square Frames..Size 20x20"- 24x24"- 30x30"

Prices start from £160.00