This privacy policy sets out how ANDREW WICKSON PHOTOGRAPHY uses and protects the information that you give ANDREW WICKSON PHOTOGRAPHY when you use this website.

Andrew Wickson Photography may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. This policy is effective from 23 MAY 2018

This privacy Policy applies between you and Andrew wickson photography the owner of this website.Andrew Wickson Photography takes the privacy of your information very seriously. This privacy Policy applies to the use of all data (including photographic and video media) provided by or in association with you and our relation to its use on the named websites. Please read this policy carefully.

For the purposes of the data protection act 1998 and GDPR requirements effective on the 25th May 2018. Andrew Wickson trading as Andrew Wickson Photography is classed as the “Data Controller”.

How information is collected and why.

Andrew Wickson Photography uses a system called google analytics. This helps me find out how you the user found Andrew Wickson Photography, for example did you just type my business name in to google or did you use a different search engine? None of these actions will obtain personal data about you, it is purely for Andrew Wickson Photography to see how potential clients found me. 

The Information that is collected before,during and after your booking with Andrew Wickson Photography Will Be

  • Names,Addresses and phone numbers of the person(s) booking a wedding or portrait experience.
  • Names (and in some cases ages and gender) of participants of a photo shoot.
  • Names,Addresses and phone numbers of any person(s) purchasing products from Andrew Wickson Photography.
  • Address and contact details of the wedding venue.

Any e-mail or message that you send are stored for a period of time be able to offer you with a better service. Most of the information that i collect is supplied by you,but on some occasions this may be supplied by a third party. For sample a family member or friend that may want to book one of my services on your behalf. All data supplied is stored on my computer system which is password protected and has its security updated. 

How will this affect you?

I collect, store and process your data in such a way that should have no negative effect on you as an individual.


Any photoshoot booked and attended by you, your family or corporation . However, any photoshoots irrespective of nature will require a signed consent form especially if younger children or minors are involved.

A separate contract with bespoke consent will be provided for Weddings. The booking client will need to sign notifying that all attending parties have given consent to be photographed as part of the package provided. Andrew Wickson Photography must be notified in writing of any photographic restrictions relating to guests in attendance.

Andrew Wickson Photography operates a no cold call/spam policy. If you email me/call me i will respond to each query within 24 hours unless I'm on holiday, please check your junk folder if you haven't received a response with in this time, and i will not use any of your details for marketing purposes and do not offer a mailing list.


All client images are kept safely backed up for a period of 2 years after the final products have been supplied to the client.  Unfortunatly times/people and circumstance change,so if you would like me to remove any work that i currently keep on file please let me know and i will be happy to delete any records that i keep. if i currently have any image displayed on my website in my public galleries of you/family or wedding that you would like removed i will do so. 

Any products/services purchased by you can be paid for by bank transfer/paypal where only my details are supplied to you rather than you suppling me with your details.

Purchase records

All purchase records and contracts will be kept for a period of time legal by uk law to be able to provide such details to HMRC if requested. 



Third Party Sharing.

These include.

  • Delivery and Postage Service Providers to allow us to send you documentation and orders you have placed. (Information shared includes Name and address)
  • Manufacturers (our printing labs) if we are sending an order directly to you from a lab. (Information shared includes Name, Address and in some case e-mail address / mobile number)•
  • Law Enforcement and Legal Requirements – we will provide data to law enforcement agencies if issued with a court order to do so.

Access to stored data.

If you have any questions regarding the data i hold about you, please feel free to contact me.
You can also request a copy of any data that i store about you – and we will comply with any requests as per the guidance of the Information Commissioner’s Office.

If you would like any clarification on how i collect, store or process your data – please contact me directly via my contact page.

Policy Summary

Andrew Wickson Photography won’t use your data, information or imaging unless you allow us to.

Andrew Wickson Photography will delete your data, information or imaging from my website if you request us to by contacting me through my contact page on this website.