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I came across these on the internet recently and thought i would share these with you as i think its very important for brides and grooms to understand what wedding photography is about. 

5 facts you need to know about wedding photography


Because you hire the photographer and you appear in the pictures you may be tempted to think that you automatically hold the copyright of all images taken by your wedding photographer.
The reality is that you don’t and, unless otherwise stated on your contract, your photographer always holds the copyright of your wedding photos which means that he is entitled to sell them, publish them and share them while you are not.
So what can couples do? Technically speaking, if you want to have the freedom of sharing your wedding pictures on the social networks or print copies yourself you need to agree on a separate licence with your photographer. This may cost a little extra but is highly recommended.
In some cases, this clause is already included in the contract but do make sure you check and ask your photographer to make changes to the agreement if needed.

Good photographers don’t come cheap

It’s no secret that photography can cost up to 10% of your wedding budget so, unless your spending plan really doesn’t allow it and you need to find an alternative , but this is really an area you shouldn’t be prepared to scrimp on.
But just like all big expenses, you need to ensure that the person you’re hiring will be able to do a good job. How many wedding photographers charge a fortune and then deliver very little? Well, unfortunately it does happen. So, pretty please, do take your time to do all the required research and remember that good photographers can get booked even one or two years in advance so start looking early.

Make sure you know what’s included

Wedding photographers work in different ways and therefore it’s sometimes difficult to compare packages. Generally speaking, the total fee depends on how long the photographer spends at your wedding, the number of pictures taken and what format the images are delivered after the big day (album, digital, etc.). So is a package cheap because prints are charged separately? Or because the licence enabling you to re-print the photos is not included? Check, check, check and make sure you know what each photographer offers before making a decision.

Be budget savvy

Following on from the copyright point made above, you also need to be aware that photographers tend to keep negatives or digital disc for a certain period of time after each wedding. Consider and compare the re-print prices when doing your initial research. Chances are the standard packages will not include this option so make sure you ask for a breakdown of the costs and if the package offered does not match your requirements, do ask for a custom quote in order to pay for what you really want and need.

Wedding photography is so much more than taking pictures

Fancy equipment doesn’t make a good wedding photographer just like lots of cool kitchen gadgets would not make me the next Nigella! So when you consider your options for your big day, remember that passion for the industry, experience, personality, the ability to capture emotions as well as all the technical knowledge are ultimately what makes spending a small fortune on a talented wedding photographer worth every penny.

How to choose your wedding photographer

Determine your budget

There are many elements of your big day where you’ll be able to save money and still achieve incredible results. However, in my experience, your wedding photography isn’t one of them.
The truth is that really talented wedding photographers don’t come cheap. Although the last thing you want to do is shop by price, having a price range that fits into your overall wedding budget before you start your research can help you quickly discard candidates you really cannot afford.

Determine what photographic style you prefer

Deciding which photographic style you both like best is possibly the hardest thing. Generally speaking, the main choice comes down to either traditional posed photos and formal line-ups or more reportage-style shots where the photographer will stay in the background and capture the precious moments as they happen with more natural shots, leaving you the freedom to enjoy the big day. Or perhaps you may want a mix of both. Each style has its pros and cons and some photographers may be skilled in reportage photography only and vice versa.
On top of that, consider whether you would like any black and white shots or colour only.

Decide what picture formats you will want

Before approaching any photographer, it’s important for you and your partner to discuss what format will work best for you. By this I mean prints, albums, negatives or digital photo files. Some formats will likely drive the price down, others might mean that you will need to wait a few weeks before being able to see the photos. Each wedding photographer has a preferred method so make sure you know what you want and ask whether they can meet your requirements.

Determine what moments you wish the photographer to capture

The last thing you need to consider before starting your search is which moments you wish to be captured. Do you wish to book the photographer for the ceremony only? Do you want them there for the whole day including the evening reception? Or perhaps you’d rather book a complete package which includes a pre-wedding shoot and the bridal preparation before the ceremony?

Do your research

By now you should have a better idea of what type of photographer you wish you book for your big day so it’s time to start your research. Just like with any other wedding supplier, recommendations from friends, family and other vendors are a great starting point. Alternatively, use the web to find photographers that work in your area: most wedding photographers have really comprehensive websites from which you’ll be able to take a look at their package options and portfolio to judge whether their style meets what you had in mind.

Shortlist, interview and meet the photographers

So make a list of the wedding photographer that fit your criteria for style and price and interview each prospective photographer by phone. This is your opportunity to ask further questions regarding their experience, level of service, availability on your selected date and generally get an idea of whether they’re someone you could get along with. You could also do this in person, however, if you’re as busy with wedding preparations as I am, you’ll want to make sure you only take the time to meet candidates that fit the bill.
So after your phone interviews refine your list and remove any wedding photographers that don’t match your criteria. Phone and book a face to face appointment with the ones you liked best.

The devil is in the details

Go to each meeting prepared with a list of things you wish to clarify before making a booking including experience, level of service, prices, photo formats, references and delivery times.
Aside from their photography skills, pay close attention to their personality. Are they passionate about what they do or is it just another job? Please remember that  your selected wedding suppliers will be there during some of the most nerve-wracking hours of your life so you need to make sure you get on and genuinely like them.
However tempting, never ever book your selected wedding photographer there and then – go home and discuss with your other half. There’s no need to panic but the photography is one of the most important (and expensive!) elements of your big day and you want to make sure the decision is not rushed.

Found the perfect photographer for the job? Book early!

Once you’re 100% confident with your choice, make your booking as soon as you can. Talented wedding photographers get snapped up quickly, especially if you’re planning a summer wedding or getting married on a Saturday. Some photographers even offer discounts for early-bird bookings so it’s definitely worth confirming all the details as soon as you’ve made your choice.


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